Written and Arranged by
Dave Walker and Robert Davidson

Instrumentation and Programming by
Dave Walker and Robert Davidson

Recorded, Mixed and Produced by
Dave Walker and Robert Davidson

© May 2023 Walker/Davidson
All songs are copyright controlled
The copyright in these sound recordings is
owned by Dave Walker and Robert Davidson
All rights reserved


I Don't Really Mean To Let You Down

Wait, don't you say that I should change the way I play
All your games remember all the times you said
I was free guess you've forgotten or you just don't know me Don't know me yeah

I know that it won't stop
The feelings that I can't have no control of
I'm trying to keep my eyes off you
You're no fun and all this time you barely didn't bite
Course you don't love me

Love me, love me
You're playing with emotions I should not lose my guard 'round you
You know my devotion, you don't love me like I do

Oooo I feel so good
Oooo just like I should
So, I'm not gonna answer my phone, you can't reach me tonight

I don't really mean to let you down